LPG Conversions

  • LPG Saves You Money

LPG is cheaper than petrol thanks to agreed lower taxes. Because of the environmental benefits, the government has fixed duty on LPG relative to petrol and diesel three years in advance. What this means is the duty levels announced enable the price of LPG to continue around half the price of petrol/diesel for the foreseeable future.

 Miles per Gallon on LPG can be up to 15% less than on petrol, so overall savings of up to 40% can be achieved.

  •  LPG is Environmentally Friendly

 LPG gives out lower and cleaner emissions compared to petrol and diesel.

 Recent tests have shown that on a well to wheel basis LPG vehicles averages similar CO2 to diesel and 20% less than petrol. On urban roads a diesel vehicle emitted, on average, the same quality of fine particles as 120 LPG vehicles and the same amount of NOx as 20 LPG vehicles.

  •  LPG conversions are inexpensive

 A conversion takes around 4 days to complete and costs start from around £1600. At the time of writing, unleaded petrol is close to £4.80 a gallon, if your car returns 20 MPG, this equates to 24pence per mile, assuming a saving of 50% overall, the cost will pay for itself after just 13,300 miles.

  •  An LPG Conversion Need Not Mean You Can No Longer Use Petrol

 The usual procedure is to add a second tank with its own filler and fuel gauges. There is no change to the petrol tank and system, you can simply switch between LPG and petrol by flicking a switch mounted in the armrest or on the dashboard. Although LPG (or autogas as many petrol stations call it) is available from over 1300 petrol stations nationwide, you can still use the extensive network of petrol stations when you cannot get to an LPG garage.

  •  LPG vehicles depreciate less.

 As a rough rule, LPG vehicles hold their value better because LPG conversions add value. Take a look at http://www.autotrader.co.uk for live examples – try looking for a specific car and see the price differences with and without LPG.